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Solution Architect having fun in this profession for 20 years. I have a broad experience in different sectors like Aircraft Manufacturing, Finance, Environmental Protection, Chemical, Media and Public Sector.

During these years I worked in different roles but mainly designing and delivering systems based on the Microsoft platform. Lately I have had the pleasure to learn and contribute to the Dynamics 365 platform, where I help customers to get the most of their Dynamics implementation, either in on-premise deployments or in the cloud.

I am an open creative person, with energy and integrity. I really enjoy working in collaborative environments, I adapt very well to changes and I am constantly looking for new challenges.

Having fun in the last Dublin D365 Saturday

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My Timeline

See some of the events that took place during my personal and professional career.

  • Today
  • May 2019: Promoted to Team Leader
  • Apr 2019: Organized a Dynamics 365 Hackathon
  • Sep 2015: Won a Dragon’s Den contest for business ideas
  • Mar 2015: Started a job as Senior Consultant
  • Mar 2015: Moved to Ireland
  • Dec 2014: Promoted to Senior Consultant
  • Jan 2013: Won a Delivery Excellence Award
  • Apr 2012: Started working as CRM Consultant
  • Oct 2006: Started working as Developer Consultant
  • Sep 2001: Started a position as Senior Developer
  • Jan 2001: Started a developer internship
  • Sep 2000: Started my first job in Spain
  • Oct 1999: Began my studies in Computer Science
  • Sep 1999: Moved to Spain
  • Dec 1998: Finished Secondary School
  • Feb 1982: A geek is born



Some slides I prepared for talks or other events.


Interesting links, tools or resources that I’d like to share.


  • Martin Fowler : A must read if you want to learn about software architecture.


  • KanbanFlow : Awesome tool online to organize your tasks on a Kanban board. It includes a Pomodoro timer. I’ve been using this tools every day for years now. Very recommendable.


  • Unsplash : Fantastic source of free usable images.